Increase Energy And Lose Weight: It’s That Simple!

While losing weight poses a challenge for most people, the formula for weight loss is far less complicated: Your balance of energy precedes weight loss or gain. If you use more energy than you consume, you lose, and if you consume more than you use, you gain. Here are five ways to increase energy, so you can really (and finally) lose weight. Since more than two out of three adults in America are overweight, this is important information for you and probably many others you know.

Start With Sleep

Numerous scientific studies emphasize the importance of sleep to a highly functional metabolism, yet with the busy life you lead, all you've got to worry about and most likely, inadequate sleeping arrangements, you're not sleeping well! One study examined the visceral fat gain of subjects over a six year period, comparing those who slept for seven hours, with those who snoozed for five or less. Guess who packed on the pounds?

Look at your own life, and figure out how you can sleep better. Going to bed a half an hour earlier may help, or maybe meditating before turning in will improve the quality of your Z's. If you can't afford a new mattress set, (or simply refuse to pay the outlandish prices), consider topping off your existing mattress with something that offers more support or comfort. Since more and higher quality sleep increases energy, statistically speaking, you should be more successful with losing weight.

Change How You Look At All Food

Believing you can "eat what you want" and still lose weight is for snake oil sales pitches. The food you eat should have a calculated amount of calories, and provide you with a good amount of usable energy. Eat no less than 10 grams of soluble fiber every day. Apples, blueberries or oatmeal provide a great start to your day, giving you energy, fiber and fewer calories.

While it's not necessary to plan every meal in advance, having a good knowledge of which foods are for you and putting them on your table every day is crucial. Studies of people struggling to lose weight verify the importance of fiber in the fight against fat. Empower yourself with it.

Don't Let Stress Ruin Everything!

Talk about your counterproductive catch-22: Trying to drop those pounds is stressful, but stress itself adds to weight problems! When you are stressed, your body releases certain hormones that may cause you to reach for things like chocolate or cheesecake.

You must consciously work on reducing stress in all areas of your life, to be more successful with losing weight. Take some time in the day for yourself, and do whatever works to lower stress and anxiety. Reducing stress will give you more energy, and your metabolism will not be working against you in such an evil way.

Join Forces With Others

"People who need people..."    tend to be more successful with weight loss! This doesn't mean the simple act of signing up at your local gym or weight loss clinic will cause you to lose weight, it's simply one of the best ways to set yourself up for success.

Like any other support group, the company of your peers, combined with professional advice, should help you make fundamental changes in your lifestyle that are healthier. Once you see a little progress, you should be inspired to continue. This system of rewards will give you more energy and a positive outlook toward your commitment to weight loss. Look at groups such as Chicago Weight Loss Clinic for help.

Start Saving Money

What does a few dollars in the bank have to do with your body-mass-index? A lot. Since stress, anxiety and emotions have a strong influence on eating, and money has the power to control your stress, anxiety and emotions, saving for a rainy day balances your psyche - which gives you more energy! For example, if this week's paycheck puts you in the position to merely pay all of your bills, but won't allow for that new stereo or weekend away, you feel deprived. Or worse, if you're not going to make ends meet this month, anxiety goes through the roof.

People eat to compensate for shortcomings in other areas of life. They eat to make up for hardships and heartaches. Thus, by gaining power over your financial health, you're in a much better position to control your physical health, including increasing energy, so you can lose more weight. Give yourself one less reason to binge eat, or eat for emotional fulfillment, by putting a few extra dollars away on a consistent basis.

Don't let weight loss be an overcomplicated mess for you: Break it down to a scientific formula (have more energy + use more energy than you consume = lose weight), and you will succeed.