Avoiding Back Surgery With The Use Of Chiropractic Care And Conservative Therapies

If you have a badly herniated disc, you may be considered a strong candidate for back surgery. The pain associated with a disc that is pressing on a nerve can be debilitating, and getting the problem fixed as soon as possible is your main goal. Although surgery may be recommended, it's important to understand that it is possible to avoid needless back surgery. In many cases, solid chiropractic care will get rid of the issue.

Disc Herniation Can Heal Over Time

With conservative treatment with medication, physical therapy and chiropractic treatment, a disc herniation can heal without surgery. The chiropractor will manually manipulate the vertebrae involved, in an effort to increase the range of motion of the area and to reduce nerve irritability. Further, with traction techniques, the area will be stretched, taking pressure off of the herniated disc.

Physical Therapy Eases the Pain Associated with a Disc Herniation

If physical therapy has been recommended by your primary doctor for the treatment of a herniated disc, follow the advice of your doctor. Regular physical therapy appointments will teach you how to keep your body in neutral positions throughout the day, easing pressure on the herniated disc. Physical therapy will also help strengthen the muscles that support the injured area. A physical therapist may also apply heat or cold, ultrasound technology and massage to your injured back.

It's Possible to Wait for Herniated Disc Surgery, It Just Takes Longer Pain Relief

The good news, for patients that want to avoid surgery at all costs, is that you are not risking getting worse. Over time, you will heal, but you will have to deal with pain much longer than a patient that chooses surgery instead. Surgery is not a guarantee that you will be pain free, but surgery is the fastest way to deal with a herniated disc causing serious pain.

Exercise Is Beneficial for Overall Back Health

While in the beginning of an injury you will want to rest the area, getting regular exercise stimulates blood flow and allows your back to heal. Swimming, in particular, is an excellent exercise for your back. When you are swimming on your stomach, your back is in perfect alignment. You are able to strengthen your back muscles in a near weightless environment while swimming. Keeping your back muscles strong will help you recover from a disc injury faster.

If you are suffering from significant back pain and you don't know where to turn, try a chiropractor. They are trained doctors who handle all types of back injuries and conditions. Contact a clinic such as Horne Chiropractic Center.