3 Tips To Help Keep You Comfortable After A Tummy Tuck

Many women have turned to having a tummy tuck performed after they have had one or more children. The damage that pregnancy does to a woman's body can be devastating both physically and emotionally. Tummy tucks can give a woman back the confidence that was lost during the precious days of carrying her children. Are you considering a tummy tuck or have you recently had one? Here, you will learn a few tips that can make recovery more comfortable for you.

Making the Binder Comfortable

Your doctor will likely give you a binder to wear to help support the abdominal muscles, control swelling, and prevent friction in your tummy area. The doctor will probably suggest that you wear the binder for several days or weeks following your surgery.

To make the binder more comfortable, wear a cotton tank top underneath it. The tank top will help to prevent chafing that could be caused by the binder. As you move about, the binder could rub in some areas and leave your skin irritated and chafed. A fresh, clean tank top can also help to feel a little cleaner as you await the day that you can take a shower.

As you put the binder on, put it on a little tighter at the top than it is at the bottom. This can help to keep it from sliding around through the day without making it uncomfortable.

Finding a Comfortable Position

If you do not already own a recliner, go out and buy one! You can create a little nest for recovery in the recliner. Recliners make it possible for you to change your position when you begin to feel uncomfortable. It will give you a place to sleep where you will not have to worry about disrupting the sleep of your spouse or children and you can more easily find a comfortable position to sleep. Instead of having to reposition several pillows to find the right angle that provides you the most comfort, you can simply adjust the recliner until you have found the sweet spot.

Choosing When to Have the Surgery

Unless you have a good air conditioner in your home, do not get your surgery during the summer. When you get hot and sweaty, the binder will be increasingly uncomfortable. You will experience an intense amount of itching that you cannot scratch and you will be miserable.

If you choose to have the surgery performed in the winter, be sure to have a good humidifier going in your home. You need enough moisture in the air to keep your skin moist so that it does not get dry and itchy.

A tummy tuck can be a  great solution for many mothers. Recovery does take a bit of time, but many women find to be the recovery period well worth it. Talk with your local tummy tuck surgery to learn more about tummy tucks and the recovery time, or contact a clinic like Renaissance Center For Facial & Body Sculpting.