Hives After A Bee Sting: What You Should Know

Are you concerned because you broke out with hives all over your body after getting stung by a bee? The reaction that your body had might point to you having an allergic reaction that requires a prompt examination by a specialist. You may need a prescription for allergy shots that can be self-administered in case you happen to get stung again. Find out in this article what you should know about being allergic to bee stings.

What Is A Normal & Abnormal Reaction To A Bee Sting?

When you experience a normal reaction to a bee sting, you will typically only feel a lot of pain that lasts for a few hours and then subsides without treatment. A normal reaction may also cause the area surrounding the bee sting to swell up a little. However, you can experience swelling on large parts of your body instead of it being restricted to the bee sting site. This is called hives. You don't want to live with a bee allergy without knowing it because you can experience a potentially fatal condition called anaphylaxis. The condition can lead to serious symptoms that include problems breathing, cramps in the abdomen, dizziness and hives like the ones that are on your body.

What Kind Of Treatment Is Necessary For A Bee Sting Allergy?

After a specialist has diagnosed you as being allergic to bee stings, which is likely since you have hives, you will be prescribed an epinephrine autoinjector. Basically, you will need to keep the auto-injector with you at all times so you can quickly give yourself a dose of epinephrine if you get stung by a bee. The syringe has a small needle in that you must inject into your thigh to get your dose of medicine. The specialist may also want you to start undergoing immunotherapy, which involves you being injected with small doses of bee venom so that your body can become immune to it.

What Does It Cost To Get Allergy Shots?

The price for allergy shots depends on if you have health insurance or not. Your insurance policy is likely to cover allergy shots since they are vital because you are allergic to bee stings. Without health insurance coverage, you should expect to pay $100 for ten vials of allergy medicine. If you need injections performed by a specialist, it will cost $20 or more per visit to the clinic. Visit a bee sting specialist to find out if the hives on your body is an allergic reaction so you can get properly treated. Professionals like those at Oak Brook Allergists can help you determine your needs.