Understanding Some Of The Newer Asthma Treatment Options For Your Child

When your son or daughter is diagnosed with asthma, you may find yourself wondering what treatments are available to help them manage and control their attacks and get back to doing the normal things that all children love to do. While there are certainly some tried and true treatment options available for pediatric asthma, there are also new and innovative treatments coming available as well. Get to know more about some of the more recent developments in asthma treatment so that you can be sure that your child is getting the best possible treatment for their pediatric asthma.

Air Sampling Devices

Many times, when children have asthma, they are unable to determine what is causing their asthma attacks. And sometimes, it is also difficult for you as a parent to figure out exactly what the factors are that are contributing to your child's breathing troubles.

New air sampling devices can help remedy those issues. Your child will wear or carry the device with them wherever they go throughout the day, even at home. The device will take frequent samples of the air to detect mold, cigarette smoke, or other contaminants that could be in the air.

Those air samples can then be sent to a medical lab for analysis and you can find out what your child is being exposed to in the air on a daily basis. For example, if mold spores are found in the samples that were taken in your home, you can take steps to have the mold removed, improving the air quality for your child and helping to prevent their frequent asthma attacks. On the other hand, if you find that they are being exposed to other contaminants outside of the house, you can help to change their routines and where they go to prevent your child from being adversely affected.

Bronchial Thermoplasty for Severe Asthma

If your child's asthma is severe and is difficult to control, you may be struggling to find ways to keep your child healthy and out of the emergency room. One of the newer and more innovative treatments available from asthma and allergy specialists is known as bronchial thermoplasty.

This treatment option does not involve prescription medication but is instead performed in a doctor's office. The patient is put under sedation and a small tube is inserted into their nose and down into the throat and wind pipe. This tube then pushes hot air into the bronchial passageways.

The hot air slightly burns the inside of the bronchial passageways, which keeps the muscles from contracting and closing them as much (which is what occurs during asthma attacks). This treatment can help with the chronic wheezing that a person has severe asthma can suffer from as well as help with the tight, constricted air passages that they may have even when they are not having an asthma attack.

Now that you know a few newer treatment options that can help your child with their asthma, you can be sure that your child is getting the best care possible.