3 Sneaky Signs Of Heart Failure Every Person Needs To Know

Heart failure is possibly one of the scariest health problems any person could be facing. Anyone who is conscious of their physical health will spend some time trying to keep their heart healthy. Heart failure is treatable in some cases, but this a sudden problem that must have immediate attention. Therefore, it is crucial to get to know the symptoms of heart failure. Some symptoms are logical, such as severe pain in the chest or a sudden onset of confusion. However, there are a few signs of heart failure which may not be so easy to associate with the condition. 

Shortness of Breath - Of all of the symptoms of heart failure that people are quick to blame on something else, shortness of breath is one of them. Not being able to take full breaths or getting winded when doing basic activities can come along with already being ill or being out of shape. However if the symptoms occur rapidly or out of the blue, it is a good indication that your heart is not supplying your body with enough oxygen-filled blood and you should seek medical attention right away.

Swelling - You notice one day that your shoes suddenly fit tighter because your feet and ankles are swollen or your fingers are much larger than usual and you feel like you have gained weight overnight. Edema, or swelling, is a natural result of the heart not being strong enough to pump blood through the body as it should. This backup of fluid often gets left behind and causes swelling. The swelling can be anywhere from mild to really severe with even your face showing a more full appearance. Any time you have unexplained swelling, you should see a doctor. 

Chronic Cough with Blood-Tinged Phlegm - Coughing is not always a symptom that shows up with heart failure, but it definitely can be, and when it does, the coughing is usually quite severe. Not only can the lack of oxygen in your blood cause the need to cough, fluid backing up in your lungs can also be the cause of your cough. If you have a sudden cough not related to another illness, especially if you are coughing up stuff that is stained pink or red with blood, you must get to a hospital right away to be checked out by people from a place like Temecula Valley Cardiology, even if it's just to be safe.