The Pros And Cons Of A Thread Lift

If you have wrinkles, fine lines and/or sagging skin on your face, you may be thinking about having a procedure done to help tighten the skin back up and restore a more youthful appearance to your face. A face lift has long been the gold standard for tightening facial skin back up. But a different procedure is gaining in popularity. This procedure is called a thread lift. Threads are sewn into the skin and then tightened, tightening up the skin. If you are thinking about this procedure, you may want to learn the pros and cons. Here they are. 

The Cons of a Thread Lift

  • The Results Only Lasts About Six Months

One of the cons associated with a thread lift is that the results only last for about six months. In Europe, the results last longer. This is because they use a thread that doesn't dissolve. However, the risk of infection is high with non-dissolvable thread. in the U.S. the FDA only authorized the procedure with the use of dissolvable thread. The thread dissolves in about six months, taking the results along with it. If you want something permanent, a face lift is the better option. 

  • You Are Awake During the Procedure

The other drawback to this procedure is that you are awake when it happens. Topical sedatives are used to numb your face. But you still may be able to see the needle sewing thread into your facial skin. This can make some people anxious or scared. If you are scared of needles, this may not be a great choice of cosmetic procedure for you. 

The Pros of a Thread Lift

  • Less Invasive Than a Face Lift

One of the advantages to a thread lift is that it is less invasive than a face lift. The needle sews threads into your skin, but this is less invasive than your skin being cut into. Furthermore, healing time for a face lift is about two weeks, whereas it takes about two to three days to heal from a thread lift. 

  • Cheaper Than a Face Lift

Another benefit to a thread lift is that it is cheaper than a face lift. If you want to tighten your facial skin, but don't have the money for a face lift, a thread lift is a cheaper alternative. This allows you to tighten your skin on a budget or to see what a face lift will look like before investing in one. 

There are advantages and disadvantages to both a thread lift and a face lift. If you are unsure which is the better option for you, consult with a cosmetic surgeon. They can help you determine which procedure will give you the results you are after and is safer for you based on your age and any medical condition you may have. Visit a site like for more information.