Trouble Seeing At Night? You May Need These Treatments

Do you find that you struggle to see at night? In the daytime, your vision might be reasonably clear, but as soon as the sun starts setting, your vision may get blurry. In most cases, this symptom—which is known as night blindness—is caused by one of the three following conditions, each of which has its own treatment protocol. Cataracts Cataracts occur when the proteins that form the lens of the eye start to deform in a specific way. Read More 

How Physical Therapy Treatments Might Help Your Tension Headaches

f.  If you have frequent tension headaches, you might want to try physical therapy treatments to see if they help. Tension headaches have different causes, and one of the reasons is a poor posture that puts a strain on your neck and back. Physical therapy may not help with all types of headaches, but when the pain is caused by muscle strain and cramping, a physical therapist might be able to help in the following ways. Read More 

There Are Benefits To Hiring A Locum Tenens Doctor

Small town hospitals don't always have the resources that might attract specialists, like neurologists. However, that doesn't mean that those smaller medical facilities don't need to have specialists to treat their patients. People in small towns and surrounding areas still have things like strokes or suffer from dementia. There are ways that those facilities can get the medical professionals they need to treat the patients who might come in. One way to do that is to hire a locum tenens doctor. Read More 

Pelvic Organ Prolapse: A Quick And Helpful Q And A For Women During And After Menopause

Menopause can be a difficult time, with many changes happening to your mind and body. Although the last thing you need at this time is another failing or falling part, a pelvic organ prolapse can strike, meaning your uterus, bladder or other organ is out of place and headed downward. While a prolapse can affect anyone at any age, it's more common for someone going through menopause or one that's (finally) put it behind them. Read More 

Premature Birth And Ways To Reduce The Risk

If you're having your first baby, you are probably both excited and nervous. Even though pregnancy brings a lot of joy, it can also cause you to have many concerns. One concern that some first-time mothers have is that their baby will be born before its due date. This is a valid concern as one in 10 babies in the United States are born too early. A normal pregnancy lasts about 40 weeks. Read More