Five Things You Need to Know About Lymphoma Cancer

Lymphoma cancer is a type of cancer that affects the immune system. It is a serious disease that affects thousands of people every year. It can be overwhelming to receive a diagnosis, but understanding the disease and the available treatment options can help make the process easier. Here's a short list of five things you need to know about lymphoma cancer to help you better understand and cope with this disease. Read More 

The Imperative of Scheduling a Colonoscopy Before Open Access Closes

In the sphere of preventive health care, colonoscopies hold a place of paramount importance. An indispensable tool for early detection and prevention, it aids in combating colorectal cancer, a leading cause of death caused by cancer in the United States. With open access drawing to a close, it's crucial to recognize the need for scheduling a colonoscopy. Colonoscopy: A Vital Preventive Measure A colonoscopy facilitates the examination of the inner lining of the large intestine by medical experts to detect any abnormalities, such as polyps or precancerous growths. Read More 

A Chiropractor Might Help Your Sciatica Pain

If you're having hip pain that won't go away, consider seeing a chiropractor for a diagnosis and treatment. You might have sciatica, which is a common reason for hip pain. The sciatic nerve travels from your hips down to your feet, and if it's compressed and irritated, the nerve can cause pain that gets worse when you sit. Bad posture, a herniated disc, and a bone spur are a few common reasons for sciatica. Read More 

Everything You Need To Know About Hearing Tests

Hearing tests, sometimes called audiograms, are critical to a person's overall health and well-being. These tests check your hearing to ensure that you can hear normally, identify any hearing loss, and determine the cause of hearing loss. It is essential to have hearing tests regularly, especially as you age. Here's everything you need to know about hearing tests to make your assessment process more comfortable and convenient. When Should You Get Your Hearing Tested? Read More 

See A Gynecologist If You Have Painful Menstrual Cramps

Having painful menstrual cramps can severely affect your quality of life. During the days of the month in which the cramps are strongest, you might feel tired, irritable, and incapable of enjoying the activities that you'd otherwise fill your time with. If you have painful menstrual cramps, it's a good idea to set an appointment with your gynecologist. They'll not only be able to rule out any abnormal issues that could be causing the cramps, but also discuss a number of ways that you can decrease the pain. Read More