Shoulder Pain Solutions: Find An Orthopedic Doctor Fast

If you recently had a shoulder injury and it's not healing properly, you'll want to see an orthopedic specialist to see what the delay is. It can be difficult to rest your shoulder since you use it in a majority of your daily activities, but if it isn't healing properly it won't feel better, even with rest. You don't want to spend the rest of your life babying the injury, or taking pain medications.

The orthopedic professional will want updated images, like an x-ray or MRI to see what is going on with the shoulder, and they'll do a physical examination. Here are a few treatment options you should expect.

Physical Therapy

You may be able to strengthen the shoulder and correct some of the problem with psychical therapy. The therapists will work with you to make the muscles around the shoulder stronger, so they can take pressure off the area of injury. They can also help you strengthen the shoulder to prevent another injury from occurring. This is a great nonabrasive option to try before you go under the knife, but it may not be successful.

Chiropractic Adjustment

Many medical professionals have mixed feelings or different opinions about chiropractic treatment, but you may want to try it before you have surgery. The chiropractor may be able to use manipulation and adjustment to move the skeletal structure back into place, to ease the pain. If you feel like something is pinched in the shoulder, the chiropractic treatment may get the bones off the nerve or tendon.


If there is a tear somewhere in the shoulder anatomy and it doesn't heal on its own, it's likely that you'll want to have it repaired. The orthopedic surgeon may go in arthroscopically to repair the damages, which won't require large scars. This is an outpatient surgical procedure. You will want to find a surgeon that specializes in repairing the exact area you need fixed, and who works specifically with shoulders. Get a consult from two surgeons if you are skeptical of the surgery you need on your shoulder.

If you don't repair the damages, you could end up making the problem worse, and damaged joints that are untreated can lead to arthritis problems down the road. If you have limited range of motion, and your shoulder is starting to interfere with your everyday life, it's time to get the pain relief you deserve. To learn more, consult the orthopedic surgeons at Town Center Orthopaedic Associates. v