3 of the Most Common Misconceptions about Pregnancy Massage

From an aching back to swollen feet and ankles, there is no question that getting a good massage while you are pregnant sounds really tempting. Even though massage during pregnancy can alleviate some of the undesirable symptoms and improve blood flow, many moms-to-be avoid massage by a professional completely. This is usually related to common misconceptions about getting a massage during pregnancy. Here are a few of those misconceptions and the facts you should know.

Misconception: Expecting women should avoid having their lower extremities and feet massaged.

Fact: there are some pressure points on the feet that are known to stimulate uterine activity, which leads to the misconception that rubbing a pregnant woman's feet or ankles could cause them to go into labor. While this would be highly unlikely to occur without other factors at work, pregnancy massage professionals do avoid these pressure points just to prevent any concern.

Misconception: Pregnancy massage would just be awkward.

Fact: It is easy to understand why any mom-to-be would feel a bit uncomfortable about getting a massage when her body has grown and changed so much. However, you have to keep in mind that professionals who offer pregnancy massage deal with various body types all the time and will do their best to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

Misconception: Massage therapy for pregnant women is hard to find.

Fact: Just about any masseuse will see a pregnant woman for a massage session. The majority of these professionals have special training in tending to clients in special circumstances, especially pregnancy. This form of massage can sometimes be found through local physical therapists as well.

Misconception: Massage therapy while pregnant is an expensive luxury not many can afford.

Fact: When you are waiting for baby the last thing you want to do is spend a lot of money on something you do not really have to have. However, pregnancy massage is not typically any more expensive than a session with the average masseuse. In fact, some forms of massage are offered for pregnant women who are experiencing severe pain at a physical therapy clinic, which will often be covered by insurance.

When you know a few of the facts about pregnancy massage, it is easy to see why there are so many expecting mothers who are seeking this type of therapy. Be sure to talk to your obstetrician about pregnancy massage therapists like Imagine Wholeness that may be available close to you.