Reduce The Appearance Of Varicose Veins And The Pain That They Have Been Causing

Faulty valves in your legs veins can cause blood to pool in portions of them. This is referred to as varicose veins and can cause unsightly bulges in the back of your legs that are painful. Learn about some tips that will reduce the appearance of the veins and ways to alleviate the pain that you are experiencing with the following tips.

Compression Stockings

If you put on a pair of compression stockings, they will gently press against your legs and cause the blood in your veins to flow upward. As a result, swelling in your legs will be reduced, and you will be more comfortable when you are standing or walking. Since the blood will be redirected away from the portions of the veins that are enlarged, the backs of your legs will not stand out, and you may feel more confident when you are wearing clothing that exposes them.

Special Exercises

Leg lifts and calf raises are two exercises that will help promote blood flow and can help alleviate some of the discomfort that you have been experiencing. After practicing these exercises on a regular basis, you may notice that the appearance of the varicose veins has diminished, as well. To complete leg lifts, lay flat on your back with your feet pointed away from your body. Slowly lift one leg and hold it upwards so that it is perpendicular with the rest of your body. Hold it in place for several seconds before lowering it. Repeat the same steps with the other leg.

To complete calf raises, stand with your legs straight. Slowly place all of your weight on your tiptoes as the back of each leg rises. Lower your body and repeat. Start out slowly with both of these exercises and gradually increase the amount of repetitions that you complete. 

Massage Techniques

Massage your legs, beginning near your feet and working your way up both legs. Press your fingers gently into each leg, but do not apply direct pressure to the varicose veins because this may cause more pain than you are already experiencing. Massaging your legs in this manner will help the blood in your veins circulate. You may find that your legs are not aching as much as they previously were after completing each massage session. After completing massages on a regular basis, the varicose veins may not be as prominent.

After following each tip, you may notice that you are able to remain active for longer amounts of time without experiencing pain. You may also feel more confident because the veins aren't as noticeable as they were before.  

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