3 Ways To Treat Iron Deficiency Anemia

If you were diagnosed with iron deficiency anemia, then you need to explore your treatment options. Iron deficiency anemia is when you are not getting enough iron in your body. This can result in you being tired and short of breath. Many people require immediate treatment for anemia because it can be hard to live a normal life. It makes you feel sluggish and it can be difficult to get out of bed. Common symptoms of anemia are paleness, tiredness, fast heartbeat, headache, difficulty breathing, infections and feeling cold. Below are three ways to treat your anemia.

Intravenous (IV) Iron Therapy

Intravenous (IV) iron therapy uses a needle to inject iron into your vein. This type of IV therapy has to be done in a hospital. It can take several hours to administer treatment. Iron therapy is usually given to people who need iron immediately and long-term.

It can take several visits to administer the iron and to get your iron levels back to normal. According to Cleveland Clinic, it can take from a week to a month before you start to feel better.

Vitamin C

Some people take iron supplements for anemia and don't understand why they are not seeing results. It is essential that you include vitamin C in your diet. Vitamin C helps absorb the iron into your body.

Good sources for vitamin C are fruits and vegetables. Vegetables rich in this supplement include leafy green vegetables, peppers, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, potatoes and cabbage. Fruits that are a good source include tangerines, grapefruits, oranges, cantaloupes, kiwi and strawberries. If you are unable to get vitamin C through your diet, then you can take a vitamin C supplement along with the iron.

Blood Transfusions

Blood transfusions are recommended when someone is severely anemic. This procedure gives you blood using an IV line. It also requires carefully matching your blood type with the right donated blood.

A transfusion of red blood cells treats your anemia immediately. The red blood cells gives you a good source of iron that can be reused by your body.

You can determine the best treatment by finding the cause for the anemia. It is important to listen to the signs that your body exhibits. Sometimes anemia is a sign that something more serious is wrong. If you think that you are anemic, then you should schedule an appointment with a doctor like Metabolix Wellness.