Bad Habits That Might Be Causing Your Adult Acne

If you have adult acne, you might feel stressed out and irritated. You went through having acne in high school. It's not cool that you have to deal with the unsightly blemishes as an adult as well. However, it might not be your hormones that are causing your acne this time. It might be something that you are doing and that you can therefore control. Here are some bad habits that you might possibly have that could be messing with your face and giving you acne.

1. You're Exfoliating and Drying Out Your Face Too Much

If you regularly are exfoliating to the tune of every day or are constantly using harsh toners and cleansers, you might think that you are doing your skin a favor. You might believe that you are emptying the pores of your skin out and making it easier for you to avoid getting acne. The truth is that when your face senses that it's too dry, it pumps out oil on its own in order to provide moisture again. Therefore, if you are overdrying your face, you are giving your face the excuse it needs to make more oil, which is likely counterproductive to what you would like your face to be doing. Instead of exfoliating or using these cleansers and toners each day, try skipping two or three days in between each treatment and slathering on the moisturizer directly afterwards. 

2. You're Resting Your Cellphone On Your Face While Using It

If you are resting your cellphone on your face while you are using it to call someone, you are giving yourself acne. There are oils on your phone that can clog your pores and result in acne. There is also the phenomenon of pressure-induced acne, which is when you put pressure on your face and force any bacteria that might be on the object pressing on your face into your skin. Other common reasons why people get pressure-induced acne is if they play an instrument regularly that they have to rest on their bare shoulder.

3. You're Not Changing Your Pillowcase and Towel Often Enough

Finally, if you don't change your pillowcase and towel regularly, you might be rubbing your face with dead skin and bacteria during the night or right after you get out of the shower. This can be frustrating and cause you to do more laundry, but changing your towel each day and your pillowcase a few times a week can help you stop getting any new acne.

For more information, talk to someone at a clinic that specializes in acne treatment, such as Appearance Dermatology.