The Benefits Of Having A Primary Care Family Physician

The world of modern medicine has become complex with so many doctors specializing in different areas. For many people, finding the doctor best for them includes locating a specialist for a specific health problem. However, while there are several types of medical specializations, most people can still benefit a great deal from visiting their family doctor before being referred to a specialist. Many benefits come from you having one primary care physician that knows you and your medical history.

You As A Unique Individual

If you do not have a family doctor, you may find yourself sitting in the waiting room at the emergency room when illness strikes. However, the cost of an ER trip is usually a lot higher than that of an office visit to a family physician. However, visiting the same doctor more than a couple of times is best for more than just keeping down your cost of health care. When your family doctor knows you and your unique history, whether its medical or about your family and social life, he or she has a better knowledge of you that can increase your level of health care.

For example, if you have a family history of a particular disease, the family doctor that knows your history will have better chances of catching it early than an ER doctor would because he or she does not know you and your family history. Unless you are at the ER for symptoms related to that particular disease, you end up only getting basic treatment for the reason you visited the ER in the first place, while the underlying disease is missed.

Greater Treatment For Chronic Conditions

If you suffer from a chronic illness like arthritis or diabetes, managing your health care is easier when you have one doctor that knows every detail of your treatment because he or she provided it. Tracking the progression of a chronic illness is easier when your doctor was around at its onset. Visiting the same physician also offers you the benefit of greater pain management and monitoring of your chronic condition. For some chronic illnesses, regular monitoring is an essential aspect of optimum treatment, especially for diseases like diabetes that progress as you grow older. Mismanagement of a disease like diabetes can have fatal results, an important reason you should keep a regular schedule with your family doctor. Having a family physician can also mean you getting the emotional support you need when dealing with chronic pain and illness.

When it comes to weighing your options for health care, the benefits of having a family doctor certainly outweigh the risks of not having one. If you do not have a family physician, start looking for one today because your good health may depend on it. Contact clinics such as Gulf Shores Family Medicine for more information.