Tips For Preparing Your Home Prior To Your Upcoming Knee Replacement Surgery

If you are having knee replacement surgery soon, then you can help your future self by preparing your home for your post-op return. By making just a few changes to your living environment, you will be safer and more comfortable when it is time to come back home. 

Follow these tips to prepare your home for after your upcoming knee replacement surgery:

Tip: Relocated Anything You Could Trip Over

Since you will come home with a walker or crutches after your surgery, you need to be able to move around with them without tripping. The best way to avoid tripping and falling is to remove:

  • area rugs
  • clutter on the floor
  • extension cords

In addition, make sure the paths between furniture pieces are large enough for you to easily navigate with your assistive equipment.

Tip: Prepare Your Bathroom for Your Post-Op Needs

Since many postoperative falls happen in bathrooms, you can avoid this fate by preparing yours before surgery. Remove the bath mats that are tripping hazards. Buy a shower chair and place it into your shower before you go to the hospital so it will be all ready to go when you get home. If you need a grab bar to help get up off of the toilet, then before surgery is a good time for that to be installed as well. 

Tip: Stock Up on Groceries and Other Supplies Before Surgery

Before you go to the hospital for your knee replacement, first visit your grocery store and stock up on food, drinks, and all of the other things your household will need for the next month. This will ensure you have plenty to eat and won't have to run to the store to buy something important like toilet paper. 

As you shop, look for easy to fix foods you can substitute into your diet while you are recuperating. Also, consider buying the ingredients for your favorite meals. Cook up some of your favorites before your surgery and stash them in the freezer to be microwaved post-op.

Tip: Board Your Animals if You Don't Have Assistance at Home

Finally, if you live alone and won't have any help post-surgery, then you should board your cats and dogs. The animals will need care that you may not be able to provide, and they are also a hazard for tripping and falling. Instead of trying to do as much as possible when you first get home from orthopedic surgery, take a load of work off of yourself and board your furry family members.