The Benefits Of Home Health Care

If you have a loved one who is unable to care for themselves after an injury or due to age or illness, you may find yourself having to make a tough decision. You may have to decide whether to send them to an inpatient rehabilitation center, a nursing home or care facility or whether to have a home care nursing professional care for your loved one in their own home. There are benefits to each option. Educating yourself on these benefits will help you select the option that makes the most sense and offers the greatest benefit to your loved one. Here are a few of the benefits of home health care. 

Your Loved One Gets to Remain in Their Own Home 

One of the biggest benefits associated with home health care is that your loved one gets to heal or remain at home. Many people are far more comfortable in their own home than they are in a hospital, rehabilitation center, or nursing home. They are comfortable with their surroundings, know where everything is, and they feel safe. In fact, studies have shown that patients who have home health care have equal or better outcomes than those who go to rehabilitation centers or nursing homes. 

Daily Living Activities Are Worked On

Another benefit of home health care is that daily living activities are worked on. When your loved one is in a rehabilitation center, they are likely physical therapy to gain strength. And these activities are worked on at home with home health care as well. But in addition to this, the home care nurse also works with your loved one on their daily activities in their own home, such as showering in their own shower, brushing their teeth, cleaning, and cooking. Many of these skills are not worked on in rehabilitation or nursing homes. 

It is a One-on-One Setting

The last benefit to home health care is that it is a one-on-one setting. The home care nurse only has your loved one as their patient while they are at your loved one's home. They don't have other patients like nurses in rehabilitation or nursing homes do. This can help to assure that your loved one is getting the attention and care that they need. 

There are many benefits associated with home health care. If your loved one wishes to remain in their home and their home is safe for them to remain in, hiring a home care nursing professional to give them the care they need allows them to remain where they are comfortable and secure. Contact your loved one's insurance company today to find out if home health care is covered.