Is Your Child Struggling Academically? What Parents Should Know About ADHD

Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) causes a person to lack the focus needed to complete tasks and interferes with learning. A child with ADHD is not slow or unintelligent, they just need help to overcome the obstacles this condition creates.

If parents suspect a child has ADHD, they can ask their doctor about how to diagnose the child during a school physical exam.

Parents must understand the basics of ADHD to seek the right help for their child.

What Are The Signs Of ADHD In Children

Children with ADHD are more than just overactive children, this condition is considered a medical condition. Parents can watch for signs of ADHD and discuss any concerns with the child's doctor during a routine school physical exam.

  • Constantly moving and can't sit still
  • Don't listen
  • Can't play quietly
  • Excessive talking and interrupting others
  • Distracted easily
  • Can't finish one task before wanting to move on to something else
  • Fidgeting and squirming

Keep in mind that these symptoms aren't an automatic diagnosis for ADHD. Diagnosing a child for this condition requires a professional to ensure the child is diagnosed properly.

Is There a Test For ADHD?

There is not a single test used to help diagnose ADHD. Unlike illness, this condition does not show up in bloodwork or other medical tests.

Parents start by asking their pediatrician to evaluate the child. The primary care doctor can refer the child to a specialist if necessary, for proper diagnosis and treatment.

However, a primary care doctor can start the process by using some standard guidelines.

  • Conducting a physical exam
  • Taking a medical history
  • Performing a non-invasive scan of the brain

Children younger than 4 are not usually diagnosed, and symptoms must usually begin by 12 years old.

What Are The Treatment Options?

Children diagnosed with ADHD have drug and non-drug treatment options. There are also dietary recommendations that can help.

Once a child is diagnosed, teachers also have methods to work with ADHD students to help them focus and learn better in the classroom.

  • Giving tests with fewer items
  • Shorter quizzes
  • Very few timed tests
  • Divide longer products into more manageable sections
  • Have a teachers aid help ADHD children

Children with ADHD often require extra attention, so having a teacher's aide in the classroom is a great way to help without disrupting other students.

Children with ADHD are smart and capable of learning, they just need help working around their lack of focus. For this reason, if parents see signs of ADHD in a child struggling at school, it is best to have the child evaluated and get the help needed for success.

Talk to your doctor about an ADHD evaluation to learn more.