7 Signs You Should Request A COVID-19 Test

Getting a COVID-19 test in a timely manner increases the range of potential treatment options. If you suspect you need a coronavirus test, do so the moment you think it's even a possibility because you may be able to get antivirals if a doctor detects the infection soon enough. Folks who notice any of these signs should contact their doctor or pharmacist about a test for COVID right away.

Loss of Taste or Smell

One of the most distinct symptoms of COVID is the loss of one's sense of smell or taste. If you've experienced either issue, you should obtain a test for the coronavirus immediately.

Flu or Cold-Like Symptoms

Many people experience symptoms more commonly associated with the flu or cold. If you've had a fever or cough, a COVID test is a good idea. The same goes for achy feelings often associated with those diseases. Even if the symptoms have been mild, it's prudent to test for COVID-19 out of an abundance of caution.

At-Home Testing

Many people use some form of an at-home COVID test kit. These are not flawless, but they can provide a strong hint that you should follow up with a more reliable test. Your doctor's office or pharmacy can arrange a professional test for COVID to verify the at-home kit's results.


COVID moves quickly from person to person. Anyone who has been in direct contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID should ask for their own tests, too. Even if you were only in the same room with a person who tested positive, get checked.

Fatigue or Brain Fog

Many people who've developed COVID or even post-COVID issues develop fatigue. Some folks also report brain fog, a general collection of cognitive issues.

Request a test for COVID and talk to your doctor about possible long COVID symptoms. The right kind of coronavirus test can reveal antibodies indicative of a previous infection. This can inform long COVID treatment even for people who didn't initially test positive. It is possible that the disease slipped under the radar until you developed fatigue.

Risk Factors

Anyone who has COVID risk factors should request testing if they're worried that they might have an infection. Risk factors include a history of respiratory issues, having a compromised immune system, being overweight, or being at retirement age.


Travelers to regions that are currently experiencing high positivity levels may want to ask for a COVID test upon returning home. You may also need a negative test for COVID-19 to enter some countries.

Reach out to a local clinic, such as Premier Urgent Care Centers of California, Inc., to learn more.