A Chiropractor Might Help Your Sciatica Pain

If you're having hip pain that won't go away, consider seeing a chiropractor for a diagnosis and treatment. You might have sciatica, which is a common reason for hip pain. The sciatic nerve travels from your hips down to your feet, and if it's compressed and irritated, the nerve can cause pain that gets worse when you sit. Bad posture, a herniated disc, and a bone spur are a few common reasons for sciatica. Here are treatments your chiropractor might recommend.

Spinal Decompression

If the problem is a herniated disc, relieving pressure on the sciatic nerve that's caused by the bulging disc might help. The chiropractor might position your body in a specific way to relieve pressure. They might use a decompression table that uses computerized motion to open up your spine to move the herniated disc away from your nerve. This allows improved blood flow that can help healing, and it might reduce pain right away. You'll probably need several treatments for lasting effects.

Spinal Manipulation

A chiropractor uses their hands during a spinal manipulation treatment to gently move the spine back to a more normal position. This relieves pressure on the nerve and also helps with muscle spasms that contribute to pain. These treatments can also involve quick thrusts in a specific area of your back. You could notice an improvement in your pain right away, but chiropractic adjustments often need frequent multiple sessions for the best results.

Stretching Exercises

Your chiropractor might teach you stretching exercises you can do at home to take pressure off of your sciatic nerve a few times each day. When pressure is relieved, pain is reduced and blood flow increases to stimulate healing. You'll need to do specific exercises that lengthen and stretch your spine. You may also be taught ways to sit and stand that won't cause too much irritation on your sciatic nerve.

Ultrasound Treatments

An ultrasound treatment provides deep heat to your area of pain. Heat increases blood flow. Blood carries nutrients and oxygen that nourish your nerves and muscles to help them heal. The application of deep heat can relax your muscles too and reduce the amount of pain and discomfort you feel.

A chiropractor considers your individual circumstances when making your care plan. Chiropractic care is holistic. The chiropractor doesn't just treat your pain, they try to improve your overall health so your body is able to heal the nerve so your pain goes away for good. They can often do this without the need for surgery or pain medications. 

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