What Is The Connection Between Dry Eyes And Lasik Surgery?

If you wear contacts or suffer from allergies, you're no stranger to the itching and tearing up associated with dry eyes. Of course, if you wear contacts, you know the hassle of putting something in your eye every day. As far as glasses go, you either squint from the sun or have to change out your glasses every time you go outside. In other words, you're ready for a solution to your nearsightedness. Read More 

Avoiding Back Surgery With The Use Of Chiropractic Care And Conservative Therapies

If you have a badly herniated disc, you may be considered a strong candidate for back surgery. The pain associated with a disc that is pressing on a nerve can be debilitating, and getting the problem fixed as soon as possible is your main goal. Although surgery may be recommended, it's important to understand that it is possible to avoid needless back surgery. In many cases, solid chiropractic care will get rid of the issue. Read More 

Increase Energy And Lose Weight: It’s That Simple!

While losing weight poses a challenge for most people, the formula for weight loss is far less complicated: Your balance of energy precedes weight loss or gain. If you use more energy than you consume, you lose, and if you consume more than you use, you gain. Here are five ways to increase energy, so you can really (and finally) lose weight. Since more than two out of three adults in America are overweight, this is important information for you and probably many others you know. Read More